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Sex in Numbers: The Most “Mind-Blowing” Facts You Didn’t Know

November 11, 2012
Sex in Numbers: The Most “Mind-Blowing” Facts You Didn’t Know

Do you like having sex? Oh, yes, it’s fantastic (at least to say)! However, have you ever tried to explain sex or to understand it? Well, a couple of scientists did and came up with interesting numbers, figures and facts.

Ancient Asians Used Dildos

Everyone knows (or at least pretends to know) that the first vibrator was invented in 1869 by Doctor Taylor. Few people know that it was originally “designed” to cure women from…hysteria. Unexpected turn, huh? However, the most little-known fact about vibrators is that first dildos were introduced by ancient Asian women.

Sex Shop Bonanza

Nearly 20% of Europeans use sex-toys each time they “get naughty”.

Sexual Intercourse

You don’t know that during sex you burn as much calories as during a 15 minute run, do you? Furthermore, 12 lip-muscles and 17 tongue muscles are used while you kiss.

Men Simulate Orgasms

As a matter of fact, 24% of men worldwide think that the simulation of sex is normal, good and totally acceptable. However, do we need such men?

Pornography Deluxe

According to statistics, 31% of women and 64% of men visit porn web-sites every day. Smooth! First porn, by the way, was released in 1907, in Argentina and is called El Sartorio.

Naked Women Are NOT Sexy

Hold your jaw as 43% of men think that “semi-naked” women are w-a-a-a-y sexier than “fully-naked”.

Marriage Slowly Extincts

British scientists have issued a shocking report according to which the amount of marriages decreases annually by 4%. However, the number of people “just living together” increases.

Sex Museum in Every City

Sex is a brand. It’s popular to talk about it, discuss it, etc. Moreover, today it has become trendy to open sex-museums, sex-exhibitions and sex-art-galleries. Cool!

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