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Scott Weiland and Jamie Wachtel: Rock Stars Like It Hard

May 3, 2013
Scott Weiland and Jamie Wachtel: Rock Stars Like It Hard

A famous lead singer of a band called Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland is going to get married for the third time. His next wife is going to be a prominent photographer Jamie Watchel. The two have been already dating for a year and now decided to become “officially” pronounced husband and wife. Scott naturally thinks that “third time is the time” and looks forward to his new life-time adventure with great enthusiasm.

“She’s the greatest thing that’s happened to me in a long, long time. She is incredibly beautiful in every aspect of the word. Lovely, smart, passionate.” They met for the first time on… the Christmas Eve radio show last year and since then their romance developed with a speed of a hailstorm.

Scott also claims that although he felt in love before it is Jamie who showed him the true power and value of the feeling. “I had fallen in love a couple times in my life and then for a long time, I’ve been very disappointed and to the point where I’ve been resolved to the fact that possibly it would never happen again and almost accepted that it would be OK. And then I met her.”

By and large, the wedding is scheduled for spring. At first a future hubby is going on tour with his band till the midwinter. After it’s over, all his thoughts and passion are going to be aimed at having a huge ceremony with the “best woman he has ever met”.

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