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Products Hotties Don’t Eat to Keep Fit

December 12, 2012
Products Hotties Don’t Eat to Keep Fit

Do you want to be healthy, slim, tender, and fit? Do you want to attract men like a boss? Then avoid eating or don’t eat at all the following products and be sexy with ease! However, mind that you not only have to “count calories” you consume but to watch out the quality from where those calories are flowing as well.

Mayonnaise: OFF

Avoid that “Food Devil” or you will never be slim no matter how hard you try. No hamburgers, no salads and no appetizers. Mayonnaise is fat – eat it more than once in 6 months and you’ll be fat too, no doubts in that!

How Do You Dress Salads?

Apart from mayonnaise, you should also avoid salad dressers and appetizers such as pieces of bacon, cheese, cream, nuts, etc. are not recommended for a person who wants to look like a young birch.

Grill It Not! Sorry, no barbeque, grilled meat (including chicken), sausages and other stuff like that. Everything you grill or fry is harmful for your body. Did you know that 500g of steak “present” you 1500cal?

Chips, crisps, snacks, nachos, popcorn…GARBAGE!

You don’t want to eat garbage, right? Then don’t eat those “food-killers” even if you don’t want to be slim. They are completely harmful is consumed less than once in a month, at least. Check this out: 50g of chips contain 160cal and 30g of saturated fat. Bon appetite?

“- Bartender, please, a carrots cocktail!”

Carrot juice is the only cocktail you can allow yourself unless health is completely unimportant to you. All those Pinna-Coladas, Mojitos and other “mood-raisers” contain from 300-800cal each.

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