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One Cigarette, One Bullet: How to Kill Your Brain by Smoking

April 11, 2013
One Cigarette, One Bullet: How to Kill Your Brain by Smoking

Some people think that smoking boosts cognitive processes and improves memory. However, this presumption is completely false. On the contrary, “smokes” affect the brain activity so badly that gradually increases chances of having cancer.

According to laboratory trials which lasted for 8 years (for a moment), researches from London royal university came to the conclusion that smoking decreases brain activity and deteriorates bran functions which it its turn leads to higher chances of getting cancer.

Of course, such negative factors and overeating and obesity lead to heart diseases however even saturated fat cannot cause such undeniably horrible affects to human blood work as smoking. Cigarettes are bullets which are shot slowly but… kill slowly as well! The final result of British scientists is the following: if one wants to be healthy and think clearly after 60, smoking is totally forbidden.

The last but not the least is the fact that women who want to avoid serious health issues in future have to quit smoking before 30. Otherwise, it will be too late to change something. “If a woman smokes as a man, she is going to die like a man which not a very good thing after all.”

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