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Nick Knowles ties the knot with girlfriend

September 24, 2012

Television presenter Nick Knowles has tied the knot with girlfriend Jessica Rose Moor in a stunning ceremony and has spoken openly about his feelings for the gorgeous 25-year-old.

The DIY SOS host, who turns 50 this year, told Hello! magazine the beautiful blonde "makes everything sweeter" and admitted he is not concerned about the 25-year age difference between the pair.

He said: "I came to the conclusion that you can't spend your life worrying about everybody else."

In addition, Knowles revealed his stunning bride makes him feel "truly happy" and he always wished of meeting someone he can easily imagine his future with.

The father-of-three looked handsome in a grey suit teamed with a matching pink shirt and tie for the nuptials, while his glamorous wife looked elegant and beautiful in a white lace off-the-shoulder dress and veil.

During the interview, Moor was also full of praise for her new husband and revealed although the age difference was noted at the beginning of the romance, it has not affected them in the long run. 

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