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Narcissists are doomed to loneliness

February 20, 2013
Narcissists are doomed to loneliness

Love to ourselves, doubtless, is necessary for a correct assessment of our own potential and full-fledged life. But when this when quite sensible feeling grows in the narcissism, this may cause serious problems with people we love or interested in.

Various studies conducted in field of human relations allow to detect the following problems typical for narcissists:

- large distance between partners. According to “Narcissism and commitment in romantic relationships: An investment model analysis,” published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, it is very hard to narcissists to develop such features as willingness to forgive or willingness to make sacrifices for their partners. The reason is that “narcissists are less committed to their romantic partners and less determined to make relationships work compared to less narcissistic individuals;”

- self-loving people tend to think that everybody loves them, as follows from aforementioned paper. That leads to the situation when people don't appreciate their partners, believing, that in case of a break up they can easily find a “replacement;”

- narcissists are sure in the absolute fidelity of their partners. “[Narcissists ] may not take their partners’ concerns as seriously, and they may not be as interested in working on the relationship,” as follows from “Narcissism and resistance to doubts about romantic partners,” published in the Journal of Research and Personality.

Of course, this list is far from complete. However, even provided information helps to reveal the malignancy of excessive interest in our own persons.

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