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Most women prefer dominant men for long-term dating

November 6, 2013
Most women prefer dominant men for long-term dating

As you may know (and most of your, dear ladies, know it for sure), the way to man's heart is through... his ego! Very often it's enough to entertain your potential or actual sex partner's feelings to turn his head. That's true – some men are very easy to catch!

However, such an ambiguous quality as self-confidence as well as striving to be a “dominant male in the herd” are those features most women appreciate when it comes to creating a happy couple. At least, many adult dating websites' female members look for “strong men able to take care about their beloved ones.”

These days, as many years ago, women are interested in meeting life mates able to protect them and their relations from nasty trifles of life. A “stone wall” man is the most wishful subject of romantic dreams even in persistent old maids: it goes without saying that every woman needs to trust someone and wishes to be cared of regardless of her belief.

However, young and older dames dreaming of dating with a Tarzan need to follow one “simple” rule to feel happy and protected: whatever you do, don't try to challenge your sexy partners' leadership: the only reward you may get for your “impudence” is a break-up.

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