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Men with deep voices are real chick magnets

November 26, 2013
Men with deep voices are real chick magnets

It's not a secret that our voices play a significant part in our sexual behavior. Whispering sweet nothings in lover's ear with a deep chest-voice – ain't that one of the most exciting and arousing thing in the world?

A series of studies conducted since 2000 provides lots of interesting facts about sexual magic of human voices. Talking about aforementioned kind of caress, it was found that deep men voices can be considered as the most efficient aphrodisiac perfectly valid for most women interested in sex games.

Scientists explain this phenomenon as follows: deep chest-voice in men is a sure sign of their manhood. In short, muscular body shape (which in it's turn is connected with high level of testosterone responsible for better health in gents) defines a deepening of the voice. In other words, sex partners with Barry White-like voices are subconsciously considered as the best mating partners by many heterosexual women.

Nevertheless, another study report states that low-voiced men often have low-quality semen – everything requires an appropriate payment, indeed! One is for sure: it's too early to put an end to this intriguing research.

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