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Making friends is good for love

February 26, 2013
Making friends is good for love

Romantic relations – what can be sweeter and better than that fact that you finally found a soulmate? It may seem that there's nothing that can destroy the bonds of love. But in some time you may feel that it would be nice to share your happy experience with someone else. In this case the perfect way is to find “couple friends” to keep thing interesting in your relations.

Recent study conducted by Dr. Rich Slatcher showed that couples, who had friendly relations with other couples, were more close-knit than fans of the intimate privacy. In fact, “the depth of the conversation enhanced the quality of the bond formed between the two couples.” In the experiment, carried out by Slatcher, various couples were asked to have 1-2 45 minute conversation with other couples they never met before. As a result a third of all partakers continued contacting with their couple friends in “natural environment.” Moreover, a month later, those good mixers reported “more closeness with their own romantic partners.” It appears, that opening ourselves to our friends makes us realize the true value of people who are close to our hearts. In other words, couple friends may strengthen relations between two lovers. Isn't that romantic?

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