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Love is... when you use similar conversation patterns

May 29, 2013
Love is... when you use similar conversation patterns

As you already know, similarity is that thing we extremely need when it comes to dates, romance, and “making first steps to enter sexual relations.” This means, that some our features, such as habits, opinions, beliefs or even world-views may have many points of contacts which make are relations stronger.

Recent study, published in the Psychological Science, provides another evidence of the fact that mutual similarity is an important factor in choosing a partner for long-term relationship. In particular, researchers state that similar patterns we use for everyday communicate are that key that opens one of many doors to romantic interest and relations stability. “We’re not even talking about similar use of big fancy words. Rather, it’s the small words that we would generally consider “fillers”, such as pronouns (I, her, that), articles (a, an, the), conjunctions (and, but, because), and the like that matter,” writes Dr. Brent Mattingly. So, next time you meet the “most precious thing in your life” pay your attention to the way she/he speaks. It may be, that the way your partner says “wel... I...” can lead to long, happy life full of romance.

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