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Love fever makes women desperados

June 4, 2013
Love fever makes women desperados

It is often considered that dating game has a negative impact on men. In fact, the only thing we hate in courtship are those pesky rivals. However, recent study shows that “desired heart conquest” may significantly ruin ladies' lives, too.

“When women compete with other females for mates, they are more likely to consider engaging in unhealthy behaviors,” says Dr. Benjamin Le. Frequent visits to solarium and taking dangerous (not clinically tested!) diet pills are just some kinds of that unhealthy behavior. Oh, cruel fate! Why should women sacrifice their health, blooming appearance and common sense to attract the mate who may not share their feelings? “Under normal circumstances, being fully aware of the risks associated with unhealthy behaviors generally discourages folks from engaging in those behaviors,” says Dr. Le, and his words add fuel to the fire: does “love fever” really deprive them of the mind?

It seems that so-called “courtship process” really changes some “settings” in dames' behavior patterns. In particular, “thinking about mating skewed [women's] assessment of risk; they actually believed that unhealthy behaviors were less dangerous than they normally did,” as article comments.

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