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Let sex make your life breathtakingly beautiful

December 13, 2012
Let sex make your life breathtakingly beautiful

One of previous times we told you about benefits provided by sexual activity. As you remember, having sex increases our vitality making us feel perfect. Recent research confirms that sex hides both physical and psychological benefits in itself. Here's “top 5” taken from Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller's blog:

- “Frequent orgasms, whether through masturbation or sex, are associated with better physical and psychological health for both men and women;”

- “People who have sex more often report being happier.” Suppose, there' no need to explain why;

- “Thinking about sex actually improves logical reasoning.” Now, that's really curious. Think, someday we will know more about that;

- “Having sex actually relieves stress for couples. ” However, it will be wrong to believe that all relation's problems can be resolved by making love;

- “You can enjoy the benefits of sex for your entire life. ” In fact, this point seem to be the best one: any age helps to make new discoveries in our sexual lives, making that last one more refined.

Of course, sex has other, not less important, “useful features,” but even mentioned five can be a serious reason to say “Yes!” to sex in your life.

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