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Lara Pulver IS NOT Dating Benedict Cumberbatch

October 23, 2012
Lara Pulver IS NOT Dating Benedict Cumberbatch

There were a lot of rumors concerning Lara Pulver and Benedict Cumberbatch dating. But all of them are seriously denied by Lara. She said that mail is not the thing to believe unquestionably, and that the article about their dating is one of the most incorrect in terms of the facts described in it.

Lara commented that if Cumberbatch was spotted with her anywhere it could be only business and no personal issues are involved. She tweeted about the situation and tagged a fan that was curious whether facts about the dating were true.

Lara and Benedict were present at the Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards a week ago with other Sherlock’s crew and cast members, but they behaved more like friends than like lovers. And the Daily Mail wrote that the pair was holding hands, cuddling…apart from just taking photos and having fun.

Both Lara and Benedict recently ended long-term relationships: she divorced Joshua Dallas and he split up with Olivia Poulet after 12 years of relationships. 

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