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Kim Kardashian: “I didn’t know I was married…”

May 7, 2013
Kim Kardashian: “I didn’t know I was married…”

Poor Kim! Year after she filed for a divorce with Chris Humphries, Kim is still officially married to him. Oh, what a wonderful story for a new foolish TV “reality-soap”, right, producers?

Everyone knows that their whole union was fake from the very first date to the very last “tying the knot” thing. The fact is that last year such pop divas as Beyonce, Shakira, Carey and others announced about their plans to become wives to the press. Consequently, Kim thought the following: “Mama! I’m a supa-dupa-star! It is popular to get married so I want it too, NOW!” You wanted it? You got it!

An interesting fact is that some people might call it a “righteous retribution” to Kim Kardashian, her stupid manners, sky-high egoism, lack of taste, self-conceit and enormous arrogance. She thought that she is the smartest but in the end everything ended up with a huge scandal – she is still handcuffed to Humphries. Nemesis is yours, Kim!

Achieved nothing and earned nothing. Father’s money? Oh yeah, that’s a fine example of a self-made individual. Respect is the thing that matters. Unfortunately, Kim has none of it left anymore. The whole situation shows that nothing was done right.

Who is the victim here is Chris – a good guy who has manners of a simpleton. However, unlike Kim he has a big kind heart. Though he was too naive to think that this Georgian vixen really loves him and will be I great wife. Nope! Kim fooled him in order to stay on the “wave of a popular marry-me trend” and now the payback is her – the tiniest reputation she had before now shrunk to zero.

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