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Justin Bieber Cheated on Selena Gomes

December 26, 2012
Justin Bieber Cheated on Selena Gomes

The world is thrilled in jubilation: Bieber and Gomes have finally quite this ridiculous “marketing” relationship! The fact is that it is Selena who decided to kick Justin out because of his constant “cheating issues”. Well, it seems like their PR managers played another trick trying to re-boost the fading popularity of the starlets. Is there anyone who is buying this nonsense?

Today it is cool to cheat on each other and then to have it out in public. The more you quarrel, the more popular you are. Bieber’s friends claim that the poor thing is killed with grief and stuff however is there any sane man or woman who is going to believe it? Do you believe that a 20-years old girl can love and then be jealous about an 18-years old guy?

That whole thing with Bieber and Gomes dating each other is the largest pop-music con of the century. However, unless 13-year old fans are going to buy their records, this “money-love” continues to exist. Consequently, the whole thing about their braking up is as fictional as their romantic feelings to each other.

Currently Justin hangs out with a Hungarian Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin and now he is in two minds: either to continue making money thanks to a fictional romance with Selena or mess around with a girl whom he really likes.

Well, the only recommendation we can give him is…to continue making money. Now he is young and popular but in a couple of years nobody will ever remember about him at all. Right now he has a chance to raise a nice sum and live a life full of hot girls another 50 years.

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