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Is Adult FriendFinder safe? It depends

August 13, 2014
Is Adult FriendFinder safe? It depends

Usually, when it comes to playing safe in the Internet, I think of online dating. Don't know about you guys, but I think that most people accustomed to spend their spare hours somewhere at www.free adult site.com need to be very careful every time they change habitual dating agencies or sexy chat websites for new sources of adult fun. Sure, I may sound kinda paranoiac and absurd. On the other hand, even these days when every action you take in cyber world requires confirmation, you can hardly find an adult dating website that would be absolutely OK in the view of personal customer security, believe it or else!

In fact, viruses and malvare can hardly pose a real threat for most modern web-residents looking for fresh casual sex opportunities in the Adult Web: best local sex sites in UK and United States are well protected from most cyber trouble-makers. The biggest problem at least 50% of adult dating industry customers face every day is connected with pop-ups/ads, Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages that are nothing but good-ol' SPAM, and scam. Unfortunately, that last one (i.e. scam) can be found virtually everywhere on websites similar to Adult FriendFinder and Co. After all, when you browse hundreds of dating profiles every evening trying to find that special someone you could have adult fun with, you may not notice that some of your potential lovemates are fake. That's right, extra charges for mysterious services you never order, tons of advertising messages inside your mailbox isn't all you can get from free sex sites. The whole relations you hope are real may turn in a piece of... junk: chatting with virtual dummy, watching fake videos and photos in “her” gallery, sending tons of presents to the Land of the Great Scam – all these things make one big disappointment you may face in reality. I call it dating a nobody's shadow. However...

Dating online isn't so bad, after all. Just try to keep your brains cool.

Well, it's about time to mention a couple of recommendations you will need to follow in order to neutralize the bad joojoo most Adult FriendFinder-like websites are full of. Frankly, to feel safe and comfy when browsing dating database on your local fuck finder you only need to use your suspicion and ability to critically assess the situation, and use them wisely!

Now, here are some practical tips on how to avoid a scammer in the Adult Web:

Make sure your sex buddy doesn't contact you as someone else from another account When she/he talks about such mysterious things as fate or destiny, it's about time to say “Goodbye!” He/she wants to send you flowers/present so he/she needs your address... Don't be naive, folks and keep all personal info for the real-life date; When your fuck-buddy asks you for money and the way he/she talks reminds you something in the middle between Russian and Chinese, be sure: your date-to-be is a 100% scammer; Every single message inside your mailbox sent from your “date” that contains suspicious links or pre-printed forms should be deleted immediately; Don't hesitate to block or even report users whose behavior can be considered as weird even for a free local sex finder haunter.

And, last but not least, whatever the website you choose as a regular dating station, trust your luck and try to look on the bright sides of things that happen to you in the Dating Web!

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