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I love you should be the first man's cue in the relations play

February 27, 2013
I love you should be the first man's cue in the relations play

As all we know, social norms and standards of conduct have a great impact on human life. Very often it helps to avoid serious conflicts in our society. As for love, it's hard to say that couple “love-etiquette” lives in peace and harmony. In particular, social gender norms state that women first tell their love declarations in face of their partners and get all the credits from the first romantic moment. However, recent study argues the opposite approach: it's men who say the first “love ya” in relations. Moreover, if women answer with the same magic phrase, it makes her chosen one the happiest guy in the world!

The reason of such an interesting finding can be explained from the evolutionary point of view. “Because of the differences in our biological make-up, women take nine months each time they wish to reproduce, whereas men can take only a few minutes. As follows from the parental investment theory, this difference makes women a lot choosier when it comes to mates: not only do they want to ensure that they pick a partner with good genes, but they also want to end up with a partner who’s likely to stick around to help with child rearing,” say authors of “Preferences in human mate selection.” “How does this relate to the topic of our conversation,” you may ask. The thing is that men got their need to make their “love confessions” earlier, and women, in their turns, prefer to wait with their declarations, and weigh all the pros and cons of their possible relations.

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