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Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris: Over and Over, and Over Again

December 25, 2012
Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris: Over and Over, and Over Again

It seems like 86-years-old (for a moment!) Playboy founder Hugh Hefner doesn’t care about his age at all! He not only looks at least 20 years younger but still knows how to party hard.

You might have already known the some time ago he was going to marry one of the magazine playmates – Crystal Harris, 26. Of course, nobody had doubts that this marriage was going to be built on “pure love”, yeah. However, the whole engagement thing broke down and Crystal simply dumped her hubby-to-be. In case she thought that Hugh is too old for her, now she is seriously looking forward to give the whole thing a second chance despite he’s not a “bottle of wine or cognac”.

Strange thing it is as Erotica King Hugh is not getting younger. In fact, he is getting more and more older even taking into consideration the fact that he is still a live wire and hell of a gigolo. Well, some say that second time’s the charm. Moreover, the two are going to tie the knot on the Christmas Eve. Oh, isn’t it romantic?

Finally, a couple of words for skeptics: the two – Hugh and Crystal – are now better than ever. Insiders say that last time they frequently had lots of quarrels but this time everything runs smoothly and harmoniously. Crystal also confesses that she had to split with Hugh up because she had to learn more about herself and delve deeper into her feelings. Good luck with that!

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