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How to make men worship you?

November 5, 2012
How to make men worship you?

Yup, you are a real-deal men-eater. You know how to “grind” every male you meet and how to turn them on. However, do you know how to make them naturally worshipping you? Do you know how to make them your slaves? Follow a couple of insanely easy (but effective) tips and flirt like a boss!

Men Love “Ballsy” Women

Be confident – be sexy. Absolutely all men (except Willy-boys) like confident and initiative women. Use that intel and flim-flam even the most “experienced” macho like you want.

Be Egoistic

Men absolutely love bitches. Although they pretend they don’t but eventually the DO very, very much. Don’t forget to talk yourself up and be a little bit cheese. Remind him how lucky he is to date you this evening!

Egoistic but Listening

If you know how to flirt, then you definitely know how to listen. You can be bitchy but you have to listen to your date, show how much you are “involved into his problem”, be attentive and make enthusiastic remarks upon what he is saying. Show appreciation and achieve a flawless victory.

Share Common Interests

It’s always recommended to have common interests. Why? Because you have a chance to “show how awesome you are” in what he is great at. If you love sports, he’ll worship you right ahead.

Flirt with Other Women

Men go crazy and crave for women who flirt with other females. Such flirt burns them from inside but… don’t get too much.

Deploy “Heavy Artillery”

Bring a couple of sexy friends of yours on a date. They will boost your confidence and cover your back in case of “emergency”. Moreover, the more hot women around a guy – the better for him. If you like the man, call your fiends off.

Touch It

Some men are tactile creatures. There is nothing more pleasant for a man-in-love when the object of his inspirations (you, for example) touches him. You can “accidentally” touch his chest, hold his hand for a while or even hug. Worship mode: ON.

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