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How to Burn Calories by Having Sex?

November 9, 2012
How to Burn Calories by Having Sex?

Yup, girl, this is your “star-time”! Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to burn calories by having sex? Well, recent researches shown that… you can really do it! All you need is the right position. Pick up one of the TOP-4 sex-positions suggested below and “burn fat” like a lady-boss.

You Are on Top

You man is on the bed. You “ride” him like a wild mustang. Effective stuff, by the way, as it is you who moves while your man relaxes. Do you want to get the maximum “weight-losing” performance? Try to have sex in that position without hands. You can also lie on your man and move-move-move! Minus 80 calories per each 15 minutes of “bed-rodeo”.

Get on Your Knees…

Having sex when both partners are on their knees is a pretty much hard thing to do. However, the effect is better this way! No pain – no gain, right? Hold your balance, grip your partner tight, move simultaneously – isn’t it a some kind of fitness training? Oh, yeas, it is!

Sex-Fitness for Missionaries

If you go for a common missionary position, quality effect won’t be achieved. However, start moving your legs right, and voila – calories burn, pleasure received, everyone is happy. All you need to do is to cross your legs on your man’s back. Sounds simple, right? Hold your jaw after you see the effect in two weeks!

“Sex in Air”

No, not in an airplane. However, listen to this: turn your back to your man, bend down and grab any stable object to get the right balance, command him to take you from behind while you… rise your legs up. Too difficult? Well, yes. However, it is the most potent position among all four. Moreover, G-spotting is the best in this position. Enjoy and don’t forget to burn some of your extra calories by having sex!

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