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How often do people lie in their dating profiles

March 19, 2014
How often do people lie in their dating profiles

Little exaggeration isn't a crime: how often do people lie in their dating profiles? (Infographic)

It's hardly possible to slide round virtual adult sex finders when it comes to gender relations. To be more specific, when it comes about love, sex and other stuff related to physical and mental intimacy vast majority of “intelligent two-legged primates” appreciate as much as eating, sleeping and having fun with other tribesmen.

Indeed, more and more adult singles all over the world use specific paid and free websites to find sex or meet like-minders they could spend the whole life with (though, very many adult men and women prefer to visit sex dating sites for free to find a come-and-go fuck buddy).

However, everything has it's own price, as you know. The same is for virtual dating: very many of us need to pay extra charge for a chance to play in love with other web-users. The price for the dating success can be pretty high: our time, nerves and trust. Yep, people often exaggerate when trying to attract potential sex mates!

Infographic explaining how often people lie in their Internet dating profiles

The following infografic taken from The Psychology of Human Sexuality by Dr. Justin Lehmiller (http://www.lehmiller.com) blog gives the most common examples of “sweet lies in the name of Love” you can find in today's adult Web:


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