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How About “Super-Wet” Sex?

November 12, 2012
How About “Super-Wet” Sex?

Shower sex is one of the most exiting you have ever had. It’s always feels so warm and…wet. No man and no woman can resist a temptation to get dirty in a place where people usually get clean. Shower sex is awesome till the last drop and here you are TOP-9 tips to make it absolutely fantastic. Don’t get too carried away!

Rub’n’Polish Foreplay

Are you in a shower? Right! Take a sponge, pour some gel and rub your partner off. Then ask him to do the same or better do it simultaneously. This is your Sponge Bob Square Pants foreplay designed especially for “bath-sex-lovers”.

Waterproof’s Better than Bulletproof…

…for shower sex purposes, of course. Lots of sex toys are waterproof nowadays so you can use them in a bath too. Why not add some piquancy? It’s awesome as shower heat raises not only the water temperature but the one of your blood as well!

Showerhead – Universal Bath Sex-Toy

Take a showerhead, turn the taps on and stimulate your erogenous zones. Once you get tired, replace the showerhead with your man and command him to do everything you did in front of him.

Attention! Water-Dog Spotted!

Doggie style while taking a bath? Why not? You have plenty enough of surface to get the right balance, he get a stunning view and plenty of room to thrust. Remember, though, that condoms are too prone to “spoiling” and “breaking” in water. So take birth-control measures!

Get into the Tub!

First of all, you have to fill your bath with water. Secondly, you have to add some bubbles. Thirdly, you have to bring your horny buddies in it. The fact that you feel each other’s bodies under water but still see nothing will strike you on like ten thousand sex-lightings.

Don’t Get Too “Dry” in Shower

Every shower-sex-lover knows this paradox: even in a wet bath skin gets dry. Even THERE it gets dry rather quickly too, by the way. Therefore, use lubricants as “spilling some water over there” works not.

Warm Your “Twins” Up

Can you feel the libidinous warmth of water on your breasts? Can you feel the warmth rising as he’s licking your “twins” and teasing them? Excellent! Result achieved as water somehow enhances the overall level of body’s senses.

Take Shower “Dressed”

Don’t wear your pants or stuff. A tight shirt will do fine. Once it gets wet and sticks to your sexual body, command your man to rip it off from you. Do it and a steamy shower sex is guaranteed.

Shower Sex. Part 2

Make him slowly toweling you down. This process is horny enough to turn you on enough for having the “aftershower”.

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