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Hiding feeling may awaken interest in a woman's heart

February 21, 2013
Hiding feeling may awaken interest in a woman's heart

Mysteries. They accompany us on the way of life, adding spice and interest to of our existence, especially when it comes to men-women relations. Doubtless, some secrets can help to attract attention of a potential partner, arousing interest to our persons. However, excessive mystery can lead to the situation when your partner will be unable to understand real feelings he/she has to “mysterious stranger.”

Recent study, published in the Psychological Science journal, states that lack of information about our feelings to our partners may cause “sweet uncertainty” between lovers. Think, there's no need to mention, that additional information that proves our real attitude to her/his interests (hobbies, food preferences, books, etc.) allows our love partners to know us better and make their choice: like or dislike. However, scientists say this rule rule does not always work when it comes to women's interest in men. “The less information she has about how you feel about her, the more uncertain she will be, the more she’ll think about you, and the more she’ll like you. At some point you’ll probably have to tip your hand and let her know how you feel, but if you can keep her waiting a bit, it might make her more attracted to you,” explains Dr. Benjamin Le, one of article's commentators. In other words, reasonable “mystery dose” can ensure our success in romantic relations.

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