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Heidi Klum is Spotted with a Lover

October 10, 2012

After the rumors claiming that Heidi Klum has a lover, Martin Kristen, she was noticed hanging out with him. They were enjoying quite a delicious feast during the late lunch this week. One of the dishes was oysters, and we all know that they are called one of the most powerful aphrodisiac. Is it just a coincidence?

The couple was spotted at Joe’s Stone Crab in Las Vegas where apart from oysters they ordered stone crab, filet mignon and pan-roasted sweet corn. The onlookers said: “They were very affectionate throughout the meal.” By the way, Heidi herself once told that she dated Martin though he was her bodyguard. At the same time one of the model’s friends told that now the relationship between Martin and Heidi got complicated. Such a confusing situation, indeed.

But Heidi keeps on calling Martin the number-one person she can trust, and is very grateful to him for taking care of her four children and her family. 

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