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Gloss doesn't mean lot for long-term relations

June 7, 2013
Gloss doesn't mean lot for long-term relations

Some of recent researches conducted in field of love & romance, provide really interesting information we can use in our everyday life. One of news of that kind is: gloss doesn't provide additional points in mate's eyes when it comes to long-term relations.

It appears, that generally accepted belief that exotic and unusual things, be it ultra modern car or extra expensive watches, etc, make it easy to find a life partner for their owner, is only partially true. “Men display luxury items when motivated by short-term mating strategies (i.e., hooking-up), and women seeking short-term mates prefer men displaying these items. However, women looking for a long-term mate (i.e., marriage material) are not impressed by the bling,” explains Sundie J. M. and his colleagues on pages of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Sundie, J. M., Kenrick, D. T., Griskevicius, V., Tybur, J. M., Vohs, K. D., & Beal, D. J. Peacocks, Porsches, and Thorstein Veblen: Conspicuous consumption as a sexual signaling system.)

In other words, when you guys are about to find yourselves a reliable better half, you don't need to play with your wallets in front of “Her.” And vice versa, if your lady pays too much attention to your well-being, she is not interested in staying with you for a long time.


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