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Foods you should avoid before adult sex to have proper adult fun with your lovemate

January 10, 2014
Foods you should avoid before adult sex to have proper adult fun with your lovemate

To it or not to it, that isn't a question for many adult sex dating admirers before fixing another one-night stand with another come-and-go sex partner. Perhaps, eating together is the most natural thing in adult dating: every time we go out to meet our potential lifemates we start and finish our dates with having meal. Moreover, eating together is a sort of intimacy itself: we share our preferences in food with our sex partners-to-be expecting them to be the same sincere with us. As a result, we get the initial trust which entrails the emergence of interest in our future friends with benefits. Okay, enough with those far-fetched arguments! Let's talk about more useful and urgent stuff.

This time we gonna give you a list of foods able to ruin your plans about dating for sex and make your adult fun taste really bitter. Be careful with those troublemakers, fellas, don't let them spoil your naughty games! Ok, let's see what do we have here:

#1 Cheese. It's hard to believe, I know... In spite of it's well-known ability to make many foods taste better, cheese provides you with stinky “cheese” breath able to scare most of your potential sex partners away. So, forget about playing Cheese Beethoven if you plan to have proper adult sex this night.

#2 Garlic. The same sh...t as for cheese and not only that! To put it short, the starch containing in those funny-looking white bulbs we like so much causes flatulence and bloating. So, if you don't want to break wind on your romantic date, temporarily exempt garlic from your menu.

#3 Chewing gum. Believe it or not but chewing your favorite gum leads to bloating and increased flatulence – just like garlic does! So, if you want to refresh your breath after eating, choose something less explosive than gum.

#4 Red meat romantic dinner is not the best idea especially when you plan to have lots of adult fun with your sexy partner tonight. The reason is very prosy: read meat makes you feel stuffed and lazy which may lead to certain problems with your in-bed performance. Something easy to digest (sea food would be just perfect) will provide enough energy to you to have unforgettable long-lasting adult sex.

#5 Beans 'n' pork. “Beans” is a keyword here. Hope, there's no need to remind you of all those “musical” nights you had after having a bean snack before having on-duty adult fun with your lifemate. Besides modern nutritionist consider pork among red meat which refers to point #4.

In short, efficient dating for sex requires, inter alia, great selectivity in food, which actually adds a specific flair in your attempts to improve your sexual life.

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