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May 1, 2013

What a womanizer Sean Penn is! Even given the fact that he is already 52, cranky and weather-beaten, that “old chap” (though he’s still sexy and super-hot) pays courts to a famous singer Florence Welch.

The whole “gallivantly” flirting story began in Los Angeles where the two were present as a part of a promo charity tour. After a couple of drinks Sean though that Florence, although the difference in age between them is something like 30 years, is a hot damsel with a charming voice and astonishing titian hair.

Daily Mail insiders have it that Penn “hit it off instantly” and constantly asked her to “grab some coffee” some other time. "Sean was flirting with her all evening," eye-witnesses report, "and they got along like a house on fire. So much so that the actor purportedly asked to meet up with her again."

No one actually knows how exactly Florence responded to such tempting date-offers of a fiftysomething Oscar winning potential cavalier. However, it is possible to say that she enjoyed the evening very much making photos and posing for the cameras.

Although Penn’s official representative denies the very fact of his client making passes at Welch, we all know that there is no smoke without a fire, right? Moreover, given the fact that Penn is fond of getting married to singers (his two ex-wives – Madonna and Jewel – are pop divas), one can be dead-sure that there is definitely SOMETHING in his head in terms of romantic relationships with Florence. Well, we’ll see!

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