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Five Main Dating Tips That Pay Off Well

November 7, 2012
Five Main Dating Tips That Pay Off Well

Let’s talk a little bit about first dates. Do you like going on a date? Are you good at it? Apparently you are a pretty much skillful and gifted “men-eater”. However, you can do better! Just use the following 5 crucial “first-date” tips and be of a huge success among men of all kinds. Are you ready to start?

Go Casual

First date doesn’t imply any commitment on your behalf. You own him nothing and you are not supposed to do anything special. Did you know that men usually date several women before choosing the “right” one? You’d better do the same (have a backup variant) just in case.

Handsome. Checked! Brave. Checked! Earns little. Uncool!

Draw up the list of what you like and what you dislike in men. Dwell upon your thoughts in writing. It will help you to make the right and deliberate choice. Don’t get too carried away on the first date!

Check His Schedule

If a guy asks you out once in two or three (!!!) weeks – dumb that loser or “send him on a bench”. Has he no time to meet with you more often? Stick to another variant and pick up a guy who wants to see you ASAP each time you separate.

“Filter” Your Friends’ Advice

No doubts – your friend wants to help and to suggest you the most suitable dating partner. However, friends are always biased and totally not objective. Listen to your buddies’ opinions however stick to your own one. If the two match – good. If not – yours is always the best one.

No Second Chances!

Don’t you like this new guy? Dumb him and be done with it! Don’t even think of giving a guy you don’t like the second chance to “prove himself worthy”. If a guy doesn’t match you and if there is no chemistry between the two of you – don’t waste your time and efforts. There are millions of other nasty Tomcats with whom you can mess around.

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