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Evan Rachel Wood: “Stay away, men, I am a married lady!”

November 5, 2012
Evan Rachel Wood: “Stay away, men, I am a married lady!”

According to PEOPLE, a famous actress, 25, tied the knot with another movie start Jamie Bell, 26 on Tuesday. The couple started dating in 2005 and today, after seven years of being together, Evan Rachel and Jamie have decided to finally get married (they both even tattooed each other’s initials). Thumbs up for you, guys!

"Words cannot describe the happiness I am feeling. Overwhelming," and "Song of the day '(today I met) the boy I'm gonna marry.'" – tweeted happy Mrs. Bell-Wood.

"The bride wore a custom dress by Carolina Herrera," states the couple’s official representative. "It was a small ceremony with close family and friends." Close friend Max Minghella has also tweeted the following: "yesterday I got to see my best friend exchange vows with the love of his life. Still coming down from high... #trueromance." Well, it seems like both of our today’s heroes and their friends invited were extremely happy with the whole wedding process and ceremony itself.


There is a peculiar fact about their relationship, though. You already know that the couple has been dating for seven long years. However, there is a thing you definitely don’t know about! The whole truth about Wood and Bell is that they made several “breaks” and dated other people. Thus, Evan Rachel has dated – hold your breath - … Marilyn Manson and was even engaged to him in 2010. However, she then decided to pick up someone “less metal and brutal” and preferred a shy-guy Evan instead.

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