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Eight Most Unexpected Things Which Kill Sex

December 7, 2012
Eight Most Unexpected Things Which Kill Sex

As a rule males are always ready-and-loaded for having sex with you anytime and at any place. However, what to do, if your “womanizer” doesn’t want to have it off? Well, something is probably wrong with him. Check out the following TOP-8 things which might have probably killed his sexual desire before it’s too late!

Bad Cocktail

Don’t laugh as laboratory tests and a number of researches showed that brominated cocktails seriously affect male sexual instincts. Moreover, various “energetics” damage testicular tissues greatly. Therefore, don’t drink rubbish!

Your Man Has to Kinda Forget About G&T

Unfortunately, tannin causes erectile dysfunctions due to some agents contained in it. Moreover, tannin decreases the level of testosterone.

Licorice Is Bad But… Who Knew?

Trials also revealed that licorice added to food decreases the level of testosterone. You didn’t see that coming, right?

Floss Your Teeth

No matter how strange it may seem but men who don’t floss have problems in bed. The fact itself is 100% proven… although no one can explain it from a scientific point of view so far.

Remember Your Chemistry Lessons?

Even if you do, you definitely didn’t know the following: enough BPA (bisphenol A) is vital for the sexual health of your man. Don’t ask why!

Dump Your Vegetarian Guy

Real men have to eat meat. Vegetarians are usually poor “bed-time performers” because of… soy. It triggers estrogen which is not a male hormone at all.

Setting the Mood by Candles? Wrong!

Tons of icky substances are released when a scented candles burns. Those chemicals reduce men’s libido like nothing else. Betcha didn’t know that!

Forget About Hard Sex, If You Want to Recover from Flu

Caught cold? Too bad! The fact is that flu (or common cold) is a horrible thing on its own. However, a medicine you take in to recover reduces men’s sexual activity.

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