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Doctor Womanizer: Check out a New Eddie Murphy’s Gf

November 7, 2012
Doctor Womanizer: Check out a New Eddie Murphy’s Gf

It seems like 51 year old Eddie is still ready-and-kicking to “burn some calories” with hot supermodels. Famous Doctor Doolittle has been recently spotted holding hands and drinking coffee with a Los-Angeles based blonde hottie Paige Butcher.

Insiders report that the two have been dating each other since this September. No one knows exactly however Paige appears to be rather relaxed and natural together with Eddie. This fact leads us to the conclusion that the couple has already passed the “First-ten-dates” barrier and now is up into something more serious. Or not.

An interesting fact is that Eddie is currently 51 and Paige is only 33. All in all, there are 18 years separating them (the age of a regular high school alumnus, for a moment!). How do you think, will it affect the future of the couple or not?

Another peculiar fact is that Paige, although she is already 33, is still one of the most highly-paid LA supermodels. Her gorgeous blonde hair and irresistible smile grant her permanent shooting sessions for Maxim and a first-class contract with Escada. Well done, girl!


Eddie Murphy himself is still a bit if a real-deal womanizer. He has recently broken up with Rosci Diaz – a TV presenter – who had somehow accompanied him on a Hawaii trip (although they are not together anymore!). Now Eddie is with Paige. Is it serious or just for fun? Cuz in Eddie’s case one can’t know exactly what is serious about him and what is not.

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