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Demi Moore can’t give up her “younger man-eating” habits

March 12, 2013
Demi Moore can’t give up her “younger man-eating” habits

Aston Kutcher? Nay! She needs someone younger, this appetizing man-eating milf (oh yes, our Demi can be righteously called that way!) Everyone thinks that Demi and Ashton parted ways because he cheated on her BUT a smart man knows that Die Hard’s ex simply needed a younger stud, right?

Today Demi hangs out with 26-years-old fashion dealer Vito Schanabel. Taking into consideration that she is 50, things gladly shift to the weirdo side. A funny thing here: does Vito treats her as a milf and does Demi treats him from a “cougar” point of view?

Recent rumors have it that a famous J.I.Jane was soaked up by a serious depression caused by a sensational decrease of her self-esteem. We bet she was! A young husband left her for a new Hollywood movie start Mila Kunis who has exotic Ukrainian origins. Moreover, after Ashton and Mila were pronounced the happiest US couple, Demi’s depression attained new heights of apathy.

No one actually knows why Moore continues to play the “milf cliché” and chooses partners who are twice younger than she. Does she wants to look younger too? It seems like that, yes. Although she does look pretty astonishing but… she is 50 and nothing is going to change that. Even if you, Demi, look like 30 (and you really do!), we know your age and we treat you correspondingly.

By and large, the only useful recommendation we can give Demi is to look for men of her own age. They are still sexy despite how old are they. Why don’t you pick up someone like George Clooney and be sexy together?

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