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Bradley Cooper: “DiCaprio and De Niro are my hommies.”

May 13, 2013
Bradley Cooper: “DiCaprio and De Niro are my hommies.”

You definitely had no idea that a famous Vegas Hangover star Bradley Cooper worked as a doorman. How about that? It is then when he, being totally unknown in the world of show business, met Leonardo DiCaprio for the first time. Back then they were complete strangers, a Servant and a Master, if you like it. However, after so many years they became one of the best pals.

Wanna’ hear Bradley’s confession? ''I worked as a doorman all through grad school. I remember taking Leonardo DiCaprio up to his room, and I was in the elevator with him and, like, seven of his friends. It was around the time of 'Titanic.”

After saying that he ads: ''And I remember this guy who looked like a kid, even though we were about the same age, he looked like a little boy. I remember thinking how I was three feet away from this guy, and we were worlds apart.'' Well, work hard and make friends with Leonardo you too!

Although Cooper is currently one of the most wanted Hollywood’s actors, he still cannot believe how lucky he is to achieve so overwhelming success and make friends with “De Niro, the Almighty”. Check out another Bradley’s confession given during a private interview to ShortList Magazine: ''To this day, I can't believe [I'm friends with him]. He's infectious. You know when you're with some of your friends and you just start to act like them? That's what he's like. When you're with him, you find yourself just starting to adopt some of those mannerisms through osmosis. I draw the line at going to get a Mohawk, though.''

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