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Art of woman's satisfaction: it's worth to learn

December 20, 2012
Art of woman's satisfaction: it's worth to learn

Let's talk about such a mysterious and elusive thing like woman's orgasm. How much do we know about it? Most editions carry screaming headlines about the man's orgasm: how to improve, how to prolong, etc. As for orgasm achievement in women, it appears that we don't know much about it. Getting more knowledge in that field could be helpful for people who want take and give all to their sexual relations.

Here are just two of important hints, that will help men to direct their sexual efforts in the right direction, and some women to know their own bodies better:

- Vaginal intercourse is not the “top of the joy” for most women. In fact, “most women’s route to orgasm does not even require intercourse and instead focuses on other means of stimulation,” - says Fugl-Meyer, leading author of the study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The reason could be that most “strategic points” of a woman’s nether regions are located her clitoris, that small “button” isn't stimulated much during sex.

- Legendary G-spot really exists. First described by Dr. Ernest Grafenberg in the 1950s, this vaginal region can provide an intensely pleasurable orgasm, which may be accompanied by real female ejaculation. However, situation with the G-spot is not that definite in comparison with “clitoris question:” not all women seem to have that magic spot. So, don't be upset when your lady's orgasm is not that explosive as you “suppose it to be.”

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