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“Stub” Talks: Jenny McCarthy Had Sex with a Tree

November 10, 2012
“Stub” Talks: Jenny McCarthy Had Sex with a Tree

Sometimes it is better to keep silence, right, Jenny? Oh, no! It was not enough for a 40-year-old blonde model, famous Playmate and Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend (now we understand why ex!) to go public with telling that she used to go drugs. She then also confessed that she was so wasted at a party that was caught in “piquant situation with a…TREE”. Let’s give a word to a woman who takes “deforestation problems” too close to…you know, right?

“I found myself holding a tree to brace myself. The texture felt so good that I decided to rub my head and boobs all over it. It was a tree I was humping!'' Jenny McCarthy – a living proof that drugs bring nothing good but embarrass those who do too much.

Do you thing that this is the end of story? Wrong! Here is more: one evening her friends and she were so polluted that woke up totally naked on a random street without remembering what has actually happened.

Moreover (that woman is full of stories!), she claims that she spoke to God and that she heard nothing pleasant. “I heard a chanting voice breathing down my neck. It kept saying, “Bimbos in limbo.” This must have been an act of God to punish me.'' Oh, yes, it surely was!

To cut a long “drug story” short, celebrities sometimes spit out too much of their private life to the masses. It’s too late to create an image of a bad girl given that you are forty. Do you agree?

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